Simcoe Whitefish

Feb.06.2009 Lake Simcoe Whitefish Another great day ..calm winds, warm and FISH!! I fished today with a Joe Pannella, We left the lake early and followed our usual route hitting many of our previous GPS locations. We marked a few scattered fish here and there .. Then Joe got a hit …he managed to get a nice lake trout right to the hole […]

Bay of Quinte ice fishing

 Feb.05.2009 Bay of Quinte…Back for more big yellow bellied walleye!!! Gotta love that thump of a strike!! We were off with a few friend early in the morning searching for those big hogs…Thump!!  Found them!! The action for the day was steady as our Vexilar was showing signs of life most of the day.Most fish that came into range […]